Hey. Today we are going to be talking about how to cop shoes.

We're going to discuss Team Manual, proxies, bots, and servers. These are all pretty essential now for copping sneakers, so let's get right into it.

Team Manual

The first thing we're going to talk about Team Manual.

So for Team Manual, the idea is pretty simple. It's just basically copping sneakers manually with no computer programming and no bots.

At the moment, Team Manual is not as effective as it was before. Just because we are battling computer programs. However, it is still suggested you do it on to specific sites.

When get you caught botting on some sites, what they'll do, is either temporarily ban you or ban your IP permanently.

In that case that your IP is banned temporarily or permanently, you will have to change IP address, which can cause you to lose time in the sneaker release and you might end up losing the shoes.

Just be aware that if you're copping shoes conventionally, you're going to be battling automated programs - so it is going to be a little bit more difficult but it is still possible to do. If you're copping Team Manual, and not copping multiple sizes, but for a personal pair then that's perfectly fine. Good luck to you - just know that it is pretty difficult just to get that one pair. If you're trying to cop multiple sizes then Team Manual is not for you.

Sneaker Bots

Now we're going to be talking about bots.

So these bots are exactly what they sound like - they are computer programs for you to input information in, and they'll fill in the information on the websites for you so you can purchase shoes. All that stuff, without you being near the computer.

Most of the time they have timers on them too, so you can just set the timer and they'll automatically cop your sneakers while you're away.

The thing you should be aware of about these bots is that they do use keywords. You may encounter a situation where the keyword is not specific enough end you end up losing a pair of shoes that you wanted, and you get another pair that you didn't - you have to return and get a refund for those shoes and it's all bad from there.

So if you're purchasing shoes with a bot, usually, what they'll do now, is use early links and keywords. So just be aware that if you are using keywords to use them correctly so you do not purchase a pair of shoes that you did not want.

Websites have even been adding in a dummy product - for, let's say, a Yeezy release - and you'll check out on that product. They did this just to prevent botting. Just be aware of that.

As for bots that actually function properly, there are a couple different sneaker bots out there at the moment:

- BetterNikeBot

- AnotherNikeBot

- AIO Bot

- NikeSlayer

So these are the main ones you'll see on the Twitter timeline, and pretty much the ones that people have been using recently.

Basically what they do is to try and check out the shoes for you but they also have other functions.


One of the functions is proxies.

Proxies are basically like separate locations. So let's say you're inputting these proxies into your bot, and let's say you have three proxies. That's three separate locations.

So what people would usually do is they would tie another account to each proxy or two accounts to each proxy. When one proxy gets banned and you have the other proxies to fall under so you're not completely out of the loop and you're still trying to get the shoes at that time.

So that's what proxies are all about. Just realize that proxies are being sold by providers who usually want thirty to forty bucks for all the proxies for that month - after that, you would have to pay that money again.

So if you're purchasing a bot, that would start you at anywhere between ~$150 and plus proxies, which would be at least ~$40.

Sneaker Servers

Now, the last thing we're going to discuss are sneaker bot servers.

The sneaker servers are basically like computers with really fast internet. So what you're paying for is a really fast internet computer. Instead of you paying this big bill every month for crazy Internet, you pay it one time and you have it for that month - such as for a sneaker release.

So, what you do is you remotely access this computer, you download the bot to that computer, download the proxies, and then you use the sneaker server which you will be paying for as well - which also ranges anywhere from $50 to $200. So now you're looking around three hundred bucks ($300) for a sneaker release.

It is getting pricey at this point, but that's how sneaker releases go. In the long run, you will be spending less money because you will be knowing exactly how much proxies you're going to need; you're not going to have to buy your bot anymore, but you'll still have to buy your server - that's if you want to go this route.

Once you have all this taken care of, you're logged onto the sneaker server remotely in order to download the bot and install the proxies. That's what you've got to do to have everything set up.

As for the sneaker servers, the speeds go anywhere from five hundred megabytes per second to one thousand megabytes per second. I'm sure they can go higher as well. But that's what they're use for - their fast internet connection just so you can cop your shoes. this faster you can copy shoes and do all the release.

So now that you kind of have all the things put together , if you're planning to purchase shoes, if you're just getting into the game, I'd just like to let you know that you can always go manual and try your best to try to cop these shoes - just know that it is very difficult, especially with all these bots now.

The best advice I would give you is go ahead and try just going manual for a little bit, for a couple releases, just to see if you kind of get the gist of it and stuff like that. Once you get that, then you could start seeing if you can start copping just your personal pair. If you're trying to cop multiple pairs you'll probably see that it's nearly impossible by doing it Team Manual.

But yeah, if you're trying to get multiple pairs, the best option would be to go with the sneaker bot, proxies, and a sneaker server.

You could probably try to get away with just your sneaker bot and proxies - so you would use your own internet - just be aware that other people will be using those sneaker servers for their insanely fast internet connection.

That's basically concluding everything for this post. I hope this was a bit of knowledge for you guys, because I know I needed this before and I couldn't figure it out all by myself and if you've got any feedback or criticisms or whatever, then don't hesitate to leave a comment.



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