You've probably heard a lot about sneaker proxies, from various sources, but you've still got questions. Today, we're answering a few common questions regarding these proxies. After all of this, you'll hopefully have a better understanding of how footsite proxies work, so you'll be able to cop kicks more than more than ever.

How do I use proxies to cop sneakers?

If you've been in the shoe game for a while, then you know what a hassle it is to buy a large number of shoes. Some people try to buy sneakers from stores and, understandably, retailers won't want to sell you 20 pairs of shoes, since a big part of the hype is the feeling of exclusivity. Of course, you can get acquaintances to buy the sneakers for you, but since the resell value is so high, this can be tough, since your friends may want to make a profit as well.

The next step would be to take the route of buying sneakers online. You'll pretty soon find out that, not only may this be difficult, but footsites also detect your IP and won't allow you to buy more items. Why? Because, again, they can't just sell a boatload of shoes to just one person. And say, you restart your router, you go back to the footsite, and find that it won't load, or it's out of stock. That's because, while you were waiting for your router to do it's thing, other people have been hammering the footsite using bots, computers with crazy fast internet, and multiple IPs, and have copped the shoes in seconds.

The thing that'll solve these troubles are proxies. Proxies will allow you to have different IPs that will make the footsites think that you're ordering from different locations and thus, you'll bypass the purchasing limits, and buy a lot more sneakers.

Why shouldn't I use free proxies, over paid ones?

When you get deeper into the sneaker game, you'll find that you have to spend a bit of money for bots, servers & proxies, not to mention the shoes. One might say that it's common sense to find your own twist to save some potentially unnecessary spending. But here are the reasons why you shouldn't use free proxies.

Free proxies are used by hundreds of people.

If you've found the free proxies online, chances are that other people have, as well. You'll all be using the bandwidth at the same time and your internet connection will probably be insanely slow.

Another good piece of info on this matter is that free proxies have a short lifespan.

A good amount of them are used by hackers to steal your info.

That may sound a bit extreme, but it's an easy way for hackers to get random info from unsuspecting proxy users. They submit their own proxies to free proxy websites, with the intention of people using them for various purposes, and they intercept all their traffic - and just like that, they've got all the site you logged into & other sensitive information about you.

You shouldn't use free proxies when accessing anything that could link back to you. Period.

If you'd like an example, before you ask me about my tinfoil hat, you can check out this presentation.

In conclusion, you'll want to invest a few dollars in some good proxies, preferably sneaker proxies.

Sneaker Proxies vs Dedicated Proxies

As you may have noticed, sneaker proxies have a much higher price than dedicated proxies. One might ask themselves "Why? And why shouldn't I buy dedicated proxies?".

This is not just a marketing scheme.

Sneaker proxies are close to footsites

The fact of the matter is, when you buy dedicated proxies, you might end up with a proxy dedicated only to you from Canada. And this is bad why? Because footsite servers are typically located in the East or West Coast, and so are the sneaker servers. You want the server, proxy, and footsite to be as close as possible. A basic analogy of this would be of you and 2 other friends throw a ball to each other. You throw to friend #1 and they throw to friend #2. The closer you are to each other, the faster the ball travels. So, if the sneaker proxy provider wants to continue conducting good business, they'll ensure that the proxies are optimal for copping sneakers.

Dedicated proxies may be blacklisted by footsites

If you buy dedicated proxies, you may not only find that they're slow to connect to sneaker stores, but you may run them through your bot and they'll show as blacklisted, and this could be for a good number of reasons. So, your sneaker proxy provider will also have this dialed down, and give you sneaker optimized and non-blacklisted proxies.

Do proxy subnets matter?

To get right to the point of this, yes they do.

Your goal is to use proxies to kind of look like a different person. As sneaker stores want to prevent botting, they do attempt to detect suspicious activity, and you using proxies on the same subnet would be like going in the store and presenting yourself every time with only a little thing changed about yourself. Something like presenting yourself as John Smith, David Smith, Chris Smith, etc. And there is also the chance that when the footsite detects multiple violations of this kind, they may blacklist the entire subnet.

As such, you'll want to buy from a reliable provider that is aware of this, and sends you a diverse set of proxies.

Do I need proxies with my sneaker bot?

Yes, you do. It's unlikely that you've gotten a bot to just buy sneakers for yourself. If you have, and want to buy only one pair, then that's probably alright. But given what has been mentioned earlier, you want proxies to be able to appear as you're coming from different locations when ordering, and that's where the combination of your bot + proxies comes in.

Your bot will go to buy and check out your selected pairs of shoes, using many of your proxies, simultaneously, appearing as if you're ordering from multiple locations.

So, not only is it recommended to use proxies with your bot - it's a must, if you're serious about buying large amount of pairs.

Can I use one proxy for multiple accounts?

A proxy allows you to have a different IP address. Using multiple accounts on one proxy would be just like using multiple accounts on a friend's computer. So if you try to use all your accounts on one proxy, you'll probably end up not being able to order and with that proxy blacklisted.

What you want is rotating your proxies, so that you always have a fresh IP when the shoe drops and make the purchase.

Do I need proxies with my sneaker server?

This is quite a common question.

A sneaker server is a computer with super fast internet and with, possibly, more resources than your own. It's basically like you just got a new computer, near the location of the retailers' website, and you're running the sneaker bot on it. You will still need proxies to use with your bot.

Having said that, proxies should work amazingly with servers. Servers have a much faster internet connection than the average user, and that crazy fast internet will greatly increase your chances of copping shoes. Add to that a good set of proxies and a good sneaker bot, and you'll be hammering at footsites and copping with the big boys.

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